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       Never be afraid to stand with the minority when the minority is right,
           for the minority that is right will one day be the majority.
       Always be afraid to stand with the majority that is wrong,
           for the majority that is wrong will one day be the minority.
               --William Jennings Bryan,
       1860- 1925
Below are different kinds of links to the theory of evolution. Note that while this is a science only site, we feel free to refer to sites that are from religion, from the Intelligent Design people, from outer space fans, or from scientists that are themselves not necessarily opposed to evolution; as long as we don't refer out of context wrongly.
    Hobbit: not (esp: see fig. 2)
    Watchtower: All our DNA 99.5% identical
    Watchtower: Symbiosis
    NASA: Define life
    Top Evidences Against the Theory of Evolution
    Panspermia: Fred Hoyle
    Scientific American: Bacteria in air
    Panspermia: Chandra Wickramasinge
    Princeton: huge size of brain

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